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General objective

OBSTETRICVIOLENCE project objective is transferring Latin American knowledge and experiences on recognising and preventing OV to the European context in order to provide decision makers with an innovative theoretical and methodological tool for rethinking the quality of birth care services and providing society with new ways to discuss childbirth issues.

Specific objectives

  • Analysing the historical, social and political processes that led to the legal recognition of OV in some Latin American countries, focusing on Argentina.

  • Analysing the impact that this recognition has had on birth care services (according to official data) and on the training of the next generation of health providers (fieldwork).

  • Identifying and transferring good practice and tools from the Argentinian and Latin American experience and supporting a process of social and political recognition of OV in the European context, especially in countries where medical intervention in child labour and childbirth is common, as in Italy and Spain.

  • Designing and implementing a platform on OV, as an innovative point of reference on the matter for decision makers, researchers and training managers in health issues.

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